Prof. Valentina Parigi

Prof. Valentina Parigi

Valentina Parigi obtained her PhD at LENS in Florence working on experimental realization of non-classical states of light. Lately she has been working on strong non-linear effects mediated by Rydberg atoms and atomic quantum memories. Since 2015 she is Associate Professor in the Quantum Optics group at LKB, working in the Multimode Quantum Optics team. She is currently involved in the implementation of complex quantum networks in a multi-mode continuous-variables scenario and she has been recently (2018) awarded with an ERC Consolidator Grant. Her interests range from the foundations of quantum mechanics to the experimental implementation of basic tools for quantum information technologies.

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Multimode femtosecond quantum optics for quantum technologies

Optical parametric process pumped by femtosecond lasers generate multimode entangled states that can be exploited for quantum information protocols. In these lectures I will describe such systems via their Continuous Variables picture, i.e. position and momentum variables of the set of the harmonic oscillators describing the multimode field. I will show their entanglement properties and their manipulation for implementing cluster states, a class of states suited for measurement-based operations. I will treat communication protocols that can be implemented via this resource characterized by Gaussian probability distributions of continuous variables. I will then consider operations that give non-Gaussian statistics to such states and their possible application.