Prof. Qiongyi HE

Prof. Qiongyi HE

Qiongyi He is Professor at School of Physics, Peking University. After her doctorate (Jilin University, China, 2007), she was appointed as postdoctoral at University of Queensland and Swinburne University of Technology in Australia, undertaking Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship (APD) and Discovery Early Career Research Award (DECRA). In 2012 she was appointed “Talent-100” Professor in the School of Physics at Peking University, promoted as Associate Professor with Tenure in 2018, and full professor with Tenure in 2021. Her research has been mostly devoted to investigate the properties of all kinds of quantum correlations and their applications to quantum information processing and characterization of many-body systems.

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Remote preparing and distributing non-Gaussian quantum resources for quantum technologies

Preparing and distributing various quantum resources (such as EPR steering, entanglement, quantum coherence, nonclassicality) over many parties are particularly important for the security and communication capacities of quantum networks, the precision in quantum metrology, and the quantum error correcting codes. These tasks are, however, often challenging for both highly multi-mode and highly non-Gaussian systems. By sharing EPR steering– a particular type of quantum correlation where local measurements on one party can instantaneously adjust the state of the other distant party– one can remotely generate and manipulate non-Gaussian states with Wigner negativity (such as Schro ̈dinger cat states) merely by appropriate local operations. Since Wigner negativity is a known necessary resource for reaching a quantum advantage and for violating Bell inequalities, this would be highly relevant for the development of quantum technologies.